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MEI Energy Solutions Ltd.

MEI Energy Solutions Ltd. was formed in April of 2010 with the intention of providing a broad range of electrical, instrumentation, inspection, and metering services throughout Western Canada. MEI has brought together the expertise of qualified personnel in these three disciplines in an effort to provide clients with over 25 years of experience in these fields. Our team of professionals are dedicated to following our high standards of service, quality, and safety that exceeds our client expectations every time.

Mission Statement

“Together with our clients, MEI can provide a safe, effective and unique style of service, which sets it apart from other service companies. A strong team of management, employees and client partnership is the
 driving force behind our success.”

Core Values

Team Atmosphere

A team of professionals can overcome obstacles with greater ease than any one individual.


Open communication between management, employees and clients are a key component to success.


Products and services that maintain a high standard of quality can ensure future growth for both the client and corporation.


A company that shows good vision and sets attainable goals is guaranteed success.


Great leaders are developed from inside a strong network of people. Strong leadership allows strong company growth.



Working together to create new ideas and strengthen old ones in a team environment is a positive approach to many challenges we face in life and the workplace.


Positive safety culture and strong mentoring can make a company grow exponentially. Good safe work practices make way for a healthy corporate atmosphere.


A company with high integrity will gain and maintain the trust of its managers, employees, and its valued clients. This value allows industry to grow in a positive direction.