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MEI has created a unique division to providing clients with instrument and sub-metering installations, testing, and commissioning of instrument type meters. With utility companies moving away from traditional metering and moving into a more automated type of power measurement, MEI will be able to assist clients with these types of projects.


MEI has a broad range of electrical expertise which complements the metering service division. MEI provides clients with estimating, project management, supply and installation of electrical systems for any type of project from industrial to commercial installations. Industrial automation, remote site management and energy efficiency solutions are just a few of our services we offer.

Electrical Services

  • Industrial electrical installations
  • Commercial electrical Installations
  • Utility metering installations
  • Electrical engineering
  • Power and power quality measurement
  • Energy audits
  • Electrical system audits
  • Maintenance of oil and gas exploration facilities
  • Construction and maintenance of water treatment plants
  • Construction and maintenance of co-generation and generation facilities
  • Water treatment injection system installation and maintenance
  • Construction design build and engineering


In addition to metering and electrical services, MEI also provides inspection expertise to the electrical field. Neil Brown is a certified Electrical Safety Codes Officer. Third party electrical inspections are an important aspect to any client’s electrical project completion.


MEI provides a multitude of services from wellsite tie ins to commissioning and start up of plant facilities. MEI provides our clients with comprehensive procedures for both electrical and instrumentation systems. Our experienced team of control technicians can work with clients to solve complicated production control issues or simply provide product sales advice on the best solution to their plant facility needs. In order to compliment the services we provide in the electrical and metering fields, we have added the instrumentation component. This facet of the industrial trades is vital to a turnkey service provider business. Our instrumentation division will assist our electricians with all of their technical needs as well as provide clients with the best solutions possible in this field.

Instrumentation Services

  • Industrial instrumentation installations
  • Commercial instrumentation Installations
  • Mechanical system audits
  • Maintenance of oil and gas exploration facilities
  • Calibration of mechanical and chemical systems
  • Chemical injection systems
  • Oil and gas facility start up and commissioning
  • Construction and maintenance of hydraulic systems
  • Wellsite construction and maintenance
  • Gas Plant construction and maintenance


We are excited to announce our new lighting division. MEI Energy Solutions now has the opportunity to offer clients advanced lighting solutions. Combined with our industry presence and client base we are proud to offer a complete package from design, retrofits, lighting audits, and quality installations.


Combined with all these aspects is a strong commitment to safety. MEI has enrolled in numerous safety programs and works with clients to maintain an open relationship towards achieving a safe working environment for its employees and contractors. Safety programs and open communication with clients has been a key to their success.