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Join our team of dedicated professionals and begin a new and exciting chapter of your own business story.

There are always different roads to travel when deciding how to open or start a business. We understand that these options must suit the lifestyle in which we choose to live. MEI Energy Solutions believes that owning a franchise can be an easy way to start a business venture. It is our goal to help people reach their financial and professional independence.

MEI Energy Solutions has invested many hours into developing a franchising program that fits with an aggressive entrepreneurial spirit. Being a business owner with the right type of mentorship and guidance can help propel individuals into a business community that they have only dreamed of!

Investment Information FAQs

One time franchise fee- $30,000.00

Royalties are structured so that a franchisee can reach milestones and lessen the royalties. The royalty formula is as follows:
Monthly Flat Rate Royalty (based on gross sales under $30,000.00 per month) $1500.00
Basic Royalty Rate (based on gross sales $30,000.00-$100,000.00 per month) 5%
Reduced Royalty Rate (based on gross sales $100,001.00- $250,000.00 per month) 4.5%
Reduced Royalty Rate (based on gross sales over $250,000.00 per month) 4%

Total investment range: $50,000 – $100,000
The initial franchise investment is determined on a case-by-case basis. The scale of your start up ideas and the individual situation can determine these costs. Start up costs may exceed the posted amounts depending on the certain situation depending on equipment required, office/ shop requirements, etc.

Territory & Program Access– There are many factors when determining your territory size, such as where you are located, if you have an existing business, as well as any areas in which you would like to expand your business. We have left the business development part up to you. Our support team will provide guidance and programs to allow you to pursue bigger clients. Perhaps you have strong relationships with large clients and don’t know how to be an exclusive service provider. We can take you to the next level!

If you have an existing business and would like to join our brand, this fee allows you access to the safety, quality assurance, and business procedures to help establish relationships with bigger clients that may require these programs for their service agreements. Your existing business counts with us. We are open to adjusting the franchise fee to accommodate your business with ours. A stronger team leads to better success!

Absolutely! The more the merrier when it comes to a sense of community and team atmosphere. If you have several people interested in starting a franchise, that is completely up to you. Sometimes its better to have a partner for ideas and business development.

We provide marketing and advertising to fit with the overall company goals and vision. Most of the industrial and commercial relationships established through each franchise are based on trust, quality of service, and safety performance. We do not charge a marketing fee with our royalty platform. We leave local advertising up to you. We feel strongly about nurturing independence with our franchisees. We do not want to burden them with hidden fees and costs that force them to advertise unnecessarily. Our belief is that clients respond to personal interaction and positive experiences.

How do I get started?

Please contact us for more information. From there we will send out a questionnaire to see if you area strong candidate for our business model. Once that has been submitted we will be in touch with you with more information on becoming your own business owner and MEI Energy Solutions franchisee!