• Hydrogen Technology

Hydrogen Technology is the new future in energy!

There are always different roads to travel down when deciding which hydrogen technology works for you. We understand that these options must suit the final application in a cost effective manner. MEI Energy Solutions can connect you to the right technology partner.

MEI Energy Solutions has invested many hours into developing strategic alliances with global leaders in hydrogen technology. We have recently formed a joint venture with a partner in the UK that has patented hydrogen storage. The storage is low pressure non-hazardous storage that can fit with any type of installation. Contact hydrogen@meienergysolutions.com

Hydrogen FAQ’s.

Hydrogen is a clean fuel that when consumed in a fuel cell produces energy with only water as a by-product. It can be produced from a variety of resources such as natural gas, nuclear power, bio mass and renewable power eg Wind , Solar, Wave, Hydro Electricity etc.

These qualities make it an attractive option for transportation, and electrical generation applications.

There are many proven alternatives to produce hydrogen from different feedstocks, and therefore many companies that have developed competitive technologies to process those feedstocks.




The Hydra-Pak

The Hydra-Pak is a hydrogen storage vessel that uses our patented system using the patented treatment of Metal Hydrides to reform the material into Porous Metal Hydrides (PMH) This Phase changing system removes the previously identified restrictions of using Hydrides to store Hydrogen.

A fuel cell is a static device (i.e., not moving parts) that uses the chemical energy contained in the feedstock to cleanly and efficiently produce electricity.

The technology to produce hydrogen must be readily available & proven. Various companies capable of offering this technology to implement the selected process to produce hydrogen are available & aligned with MEI Energy Solutions Ltd.

The bottom line is that Hydrogen is clean, with water & oxygen as the byproducts. This is not a secret. The future in hydrogen is driven solely by these two factors.

Of course you can! Contact hydrogen@meienergysolutions.com & we can guide your through the vendor neutral process of budgeting, feedstock selection, fuel cell selection, production methods & storage size.

How do I get started?

Please contact us for more information. From there we will send out a questionnaire to understand your project requirements. Once that has been submitted we will be in touch with you with more information on how to select the type of hydrogen technology for your project.